How to change the way links are displayed in RTE Fields or comments

There are multiple ways how hyperlinks can be displayed on the ITONICS platform. Let’s dive deeper.

Link scrapping module

After copying and pasting a hyperlink (-i.e. from the browser search) into a rich text field or a comment, the link gets scrapped and displayed in a bracket design.


Insert link in the rich text editor

You can also choose to use the insert link functionality, which is located on the right-hand side of the rich text editor.


Clicking on the insert link button triggers the insert link popup. You can now choose between different options.


Insert Url

Insert a URL (i.e. from the browser search) into the URL field and click ok.


The link will be displayed with the added URL as an underlined text.


Insert and change the text to display of an URL

If you want to display the link as a certain string, word or phrase, you can easily do this by adding your text to display the link. 

To do so either: 

  • insert a URL (i.e. from the browser search) into the URL field, choose a text to display and click on OK.
  • or select your text, click on the insert link and add the URL to your text.


The link will then be displayed as underlined text.


Insert URL and add a title to the URL

You can also choose to add a tooltip to an URL.


The tooltip will be displayed while hovering over the link.


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