Company Scouting: How to get information from the Tracxn Integration?

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

What is it? 

Tracxn is one of the largest platforms for tracking startups and private companies. It is powered by a combination of human analysts and technology that scans through multiple data points to provide information categorized across industries, sectors, sub-sectors, geographies, affiliations, and networks globally.

NOTE: You are required to use your own individual Traxcn key in order to utilize this integration.

Please note: This feature needs to be activated by ITONICS. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for further assistance.

How does it work? 

Setting up the Traxcn-ITONICS connection

Choose the Entity that you would like to enrich using the Traxcn integration. Go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity  Configuration and open the Entity by clicking the Edit (pen) icon. Look for the Tracxn card under the Modules/Features section and check the box in the left corner of the module card. (Please contact your Customer Innovation Success- or Account Manager if the card is not visible) 

When the checkbox is checked the card should change the layout color from light grey to the system color. Don´t forget to press the save button at the bottom of the page.

Tracxn EC.png

Step 2: After enabling the feature  you can now configure it according to your preferences. To access the Tracxn Configuration click on the respective Entity (e.g. Company) and go to Manage Tracxn Integration.

When you start working with the integration, determine which ITONICS field has to be enriched, and determine which Traxcn information will be required. Use the field mapping in the following way:

  • Choose the respective ITONICS Field (1)
  • Choose the Tracxn Field to enrich the ITONICS Field (2)
  • Remove the field mapping (3)
  • Add more fields to the mapping (4) 

Tracxn Field Mapping.png

ITONICS recommends the following mapping for a correct integration:


ITONICS Field ITONICS Field Type Tracxn-Field Example

Company Name

Single Line Input Field



Profile Image

Single Line Input Field with URL Validator



Multi-Line Input Field


Enterprise End2End Innovation software. From trends and technologies to ideation and roadmapping. All on one platform!


RTE Field


ITONICS is a software company with a focus on collaborative enterprise software solutions in strategic foresight, trend, technology, innovation, ideation and portfolio management.


Single Line Input Field with URL Validator



Tag field

practiveAreaList → name

Communities, Consulting, Software


Location field


Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

Founded year

List field



Total Funding Amount

Single Line Input Field with Number Validator

totalMoneyRaised → amount



Term Search Field

investorList →name

John Doe

Not in the ITONICS Blueprint. Fields have to be configured via Field Configuration first.

ITONICS Field ITONICS Field Type Tracxn-Field Example

Number of Funding Rounds

Single Line Input Field with Number Validator

fundingInfo → numberOfFundingRounds


Funding Rounds

Term Search Fields

fundingInfo → name

Series A, Series B, Seed

Key People

User Search Fields (Hybrid)

employeeInfo → name

Michael Durst


Term Search Field



Number of employees (numeric)

Single Line Input Field

latestEmployeeCount → value


Remember to hit the save button at the bottom of the page once you have finished configuring the field mapping.

Creating content elements from Traxcn

Once Tracxn was activated for a certain element  you have now two options to create elements of this entity type: 

  • Create with Tracxn allows you to search and create a specific element based on the defined data mapping.  (1)
  • Create from Scratch allows you to create the element manually in the usual way (2)

Create element with Trcxn.png

If you decide to go with Tracxn simply click on the Tracxn tile and hit the create button. A search bar appears which allows you to enter a URL (e.g. for a specific element in Tracxn. A suggestion bar indicates the search results dependent on your input.

Search with Tracxn.png

Once you choose the respective result you are forwarded to the creation page of the element. The mapped fields are already pre-filled with the content of Tracxn. You can now enrich other fields manually or directly save the new element.

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