Release Notes 3.6.0 - Icy Ivy

Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 



  • NUC-8469 Ideation was renamed to "Campaigns"
  • NUC-6148 Implemented a new static field "Campaign Manager" to ideation campaigns

Campaign Manager.png

  • NUC-8673 Introduced a new permission for challenges in the EC that controls on user role level who has access to the Campaign management tab and, thus, can perform the phase change of elements



  • NUC-6813 Added an option to choose the unique identifier (Element title or ID) to the import

Unique Identifier.png


  • NUC-7328 "Activities" was renamed to "Timeline"


User Management

  • NUC-5750 Implemented a System for Cross-domain Identity Management
  • NUC-8620 The pearl chain status visualization was improved



  • NUC-7616 Integration of Tracxn to pull company information in your elements*

Tracxn Integration.png



  • NUC-8986 The pearl chain status visualization was improved


  • NUC-4762 Added the functionality to add existing elements to a roadmap in the virtual roadmap editor
  • NUC-7662 The Roadmap design was improved
  • NUC-10826 Remove connections between Elements on the Roadmap from the Element-sidebar

Minor Releases

Under this section, small improvements and bug fixes of minor releases are listed.

3.6.1 (Released on 16th of March 2022)


  • NUC-7027 The success and refusal wording in the ideation module was updated


  • NUC-9479 Issue with "Reset"-filter action in company widget was fixed
  • NUC-9117 Issue with "Reset"-filter action in company widget was fixed


  • NUC-9145 Fixed an issue with url validation (f.e. swiss) in the reference module
  • NUC-9120 Fixed an issue with domain extensions (f.e. swiss) in the user profile
  • NUC-7652 The number of visits of an element was added to the full data export


  • NUC-9197 Some values were not taken over when creating an element from the signal feed


  • NUC-8960 Fixed an issue where the email templates within the workflow configuration were not saved correctly

3.6.2 (Released on 29th of March 2022)


  • NUC-9221 It is now possible to skip the Workflow Phase in the element import
  • NUC-9083 All notifications can now be enabled by performing by request
  • NUC-9212 Fixed an issue where the file via the Rating Export was invalid
  • NUC-8975 The display of the banner when reaching a breakpoint was improved


  • NUC-9244 The "Top Company"-widget was renamed into "Companies"-widget
  • NUC-9284 Fixed an issue of not being able to convert an element to another if the Crunchbase integration is activated


  • NUC-9116 Fixed an issue where workflow action buttons could not be edited

3.6.3 (Released on 5th of April 2022)


  • NUC-9260 Fixed an issue where the Business Unit was not extracted for the Rating Export


  • NUC-9316 Fixed an issue where the different Dashboard charts could not be sorted anymore

3.6.4 (Released on 22nd of April 2022)


  • NUC-9372 Fixed an issue where API count of meta-information was displayed in the wrong format


  • NUC-9430 Fixed permission issue in filter visibility per user role
  • NUC-9506 Fixed an issue with non-clickable titles in the reference module
  • NUC-9402 Fixed an issue where the Help text of a text field was not displayed
  • NUC-9365 Newsletter: Logo in PDF Export not exported
  • NUC-9491 Queries with a backspace in Term Search Fields are not working
  • NUC-5313 Reminder notification option was added to the date picker fields


  • NUC-9477 Fixed an issue where the status of Tasks for certain scenarios was not updated and saved correctly

3.6.5 (Released on 2nd of June 2022)


  • NUC-9746 Fixed an issue that some actions were not reflected on the element timeline
  • NUC-9553 Fixed permission issue where interests on user profile were displayed incorrectly
  • NUC-9579 Fixed an issue where double spaces between words in rich text fields were automatically removed
  • NUC-9846 Fixed an issue occurring while clicking through the Landing Page Banner
  • NUC-9476 Fixed an issue so that title of the reference field on the element detail page is now translatable
  • NUC-8209 Fixed an issue where the table-design in the Manage Rating section was broken
  • NUC-9624 Fixed some design issues in user bracket and tag fields
  • NUC-9147 Whitelist email domain functionality has now been enabled
  • NUC-9406 All notifications are now set as active by default for new users
  • NUC-9628 Fixed an issue where changes on the field label were not reflected
  • NUC-9474 Performance of the Leaderboard was improved for higher amounts of users
  • NUC-9656 Fixed an issue with infinite loading while filtering for tags
  • NUC-9659 Rating section now shows an indicator if there are existing ratings with the lowest value
  • NUC-9270 Fixed an issue with repeated Signals in the Signals Feed
  • NUC-9903 Fixed an issue where the click on a patent title led to a redirect


  • NUC-9611 Fixed an issue where shapes in the Matrix were displayed incorrectly in Firefox browser


  • NUC-9792 Fixed an issue with some missing information in the Radar export
  • NUC-9909 Fixed an issue with missing information about the elements distance in the Radar PDF Export
  • NUC-9143 Fixed a minor design issue in the Term Search Filter


  • NUC-7730 Fixed an issue so that multiple strings in the Workflow config are now translatable

3.6.6 (Released on 20th of June 2022)


  • NUC-9357 Fixed an issue where the user did not have access to all entity type Relation columns in an excel export
  • NUC-4196 Fixed an issue where Creating an Element via the Webclipper ignored unfilled mandatory fields


  • NUC-9449 Fixed an issue where the Selecting all Elements functionality did not select all the Elements
  • NUC-9987 Fixed an issue where an Ajax error popup was displayed when using the Create Element from Crunchbase feature


  • NUC-9485 Fixed some design issues visible on the Matrix visualization

3.6.7 (Released on 13th of July 2022)


  • NUC-9888 Fixed an issue where users on the leaderboard were not clickable in the table view


  • NUC-9822 Fixed an issue where searching for specific queries led to inconsistent results as the queries are not correctly consumed by the backend.

Network Graph:

  • NUC-9489 Fixed an issue where the element preview was not correctly displayed in the Network Graph fullscreen mode


  • NUC-9489 Fixed an issue where the elements were not filtered correctly when applying multi-select filters in the radar

3.6.8 (Released on 22nd of July 2022)


  • NUC-10322 Fixed an issue where clicking on a value in the element-specific timeline led to an error
  • NUC-10213

    • Implemented a functionality to prevent sharing an object multiple times to the same user (prevention of email flooding)
    • Enforced a stronger password policy, by increasing the required length of passwords 

3.6.9  (Released on 12th of August 2022)


  • NUC-10376 - Fixed an issue where the amount of Recommended Relations was inconsistent on the Element detail page.
  • NUC-10329 - Fixed an issue where the system's internal FAQ-Section was not accessible.


  • NUC-10330 - Fixed an issue where the legend in the Matrix was not scrollable. 


  • NUC-10091 - Fixed an issue where a wrong notification was triggered when deleting an Element.

User Management:

  • NUC-10174 - Fixed an issue where searching for a user did not show proper results. 


  • NUC-10398 - Fixed an issue where no references were transferred when the Element was created via the Convert Entity Action.

3.6.10  (Released on 16th of September 2022)


  • NUC-10463 - Fixed an issue where the information on the element timeline was not displayed correctly.


  • NUC-10291 - Fixed an issue where the order of the radar labels did not reflect the underlying field order.


  • NUC-10720 - Fixed an issue where the roadmap export failed.


  • NUC-10413 - Fixed an issue where the size of the independent button pop-up was too small.

3.6.11  (Released on 20th of October 2022)

This release solely focuses on making the ITONICS Innovation OS more stable and secure.

3.6.12  (Released on 16th of December 2022)

This release solely focuses on making the ITONICS Innovation OS more stable and secure.


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