ITONICS Enterprise 3.4.7 - Gloomy Grapefruit


ITONICS provides the #1 innovation management platform that facilitates systematic end2end innovation, empowers collaboration, and ultimately drives growth. Our latest software update Gloomy Grapefruit brings you some key updates to make your ITONICS software innovation journey even smoother. Here’s what we have:

  • New Network Graph Visualization: With this update, we implemented a brand new visualization called Network Graph. This new feature enables you to keep an overview of the relationships between different elements in one place. You can now identify hotspots within your innovation platform, explore hidden gems and connect the missing dots. 
  • The ITONICS Innovation Roadmap: This feature is one of your favorites (we know because you told us). And now, in one of your favorite features, you can easily adjust the Roadmap timeline, apply and save filters or display the connections between different elements or milestones. The ITONICS Innovation Roadmap is now cleaner and offers an improved user experience that lets you create scenarios easily. Scenarios are an important part of the innovation process as it helps you map out how your organization can respond to market shifts and emerging trends and technological developments. The improved Innovation Roadmap functionality allows you to easily map out how internal resources could be relocated, or how partner contracts need to be adjusted. It is also possible to define critical paths to ensure a consistent plan for executing your strategy.
  • Dashboard Configuration: You asked for it, and here it is! The dashboard configuration is now available which means that you can now easily build your own charts, and configure dashboards. The result is that you are able to make all data visible to your stakeholders, and that keeps track of the metrics that matter. 
  • Workflow: Individualised workflows are now attainable with a new feature that aims to provide you with more process-driven options. Your tailored workflows can now be completely configured to suit your business needs and can include anything from assigning tasks when reaching certain phases to setting up dependencies between actions and phases.
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