ITONICS Enterprise 3.5.0 - Hippy Huckleberry


In this release, we have made sure that your experience with the ITONICS Innovation Management Platform gets an upgrade! With these updates, your scouting, scanning, and collaboration activities are now even better, faster and smarter.

🔎 Environmental Scanning

Finding relevant startup information is now even quicker with the new ITONICS Crunchbase integration. Gain fast insights on competitors or potential partners.

Clip Inspirations and Signals directly from your feed to easily enhance your scouting activities. Adding the latest patent filings, news articles, or scientific research published for your areas of interest will help you understand certain drivers of change.

đź’ˇ Ideation

Your open innovation challenge becomes even more impactful with the ITONICS External Gateway Integration. Fully configurable forms help you leverage knowledge from the crowd.

With the new Recommended Experts feature, you can easily identify the right expert for the right topic based on tags and interests the user added to their user profile.

🎮 Sustain Engagement

Stimulating innovation participation is now even easier with ITONICS Gamification. Your system will
now provide an out-of-the-box gamification template that easily creates rewards and participation badges for users that are actively involved in innovation efforts.

You can now export newsletters created in ITONICS easily as a PDF. Now, you are also able to create newsletters through a bulk action feature, making it easier to connect to your colleagues and stakeholders.

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