Release Notes 3.4.3 - Clever Cherry

Important Note

Some of the features mentioned below may need to be activated by ITONICS. For more Information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.


Saved Filters

You can save your active filter list by assigning a proper name for later use.


Add idea-centric challenge logic

As a challenge manager you can now also launch idea-centric challenges, meaning the phase of an idea is not managed by the challenge itself but can go through a defined workflow on its own.


Implement Banner for Landing page

For promoting upcoming events, new initiatives or interesting content the admin can configure multiple banners by setting a background image, title and a short abstract.


Implement dynamic import

You can now import data from Excel (xlsx) files fitting your system and entity configuration. Add image links to also import images.


Implement basic Dashboard visualizations

A basic Dashboard visualization has been added for further analysis of the system.


Add corpus functionality to other entities

It is now possible to upload documents to trends, technologies and other entity types and cluster those. The full Scout functionality is provided including uploading documents, adding RSS feeds as well as performing all document actions.


  • [NUC-20] - Add Standard Roles & Permissions
  • [NUC-185] - Scout: Add action to remove and restore documents
  • [NUC-213] - Make entity search fields consistent
  • [NUC-296] - Make size of radar segments dynamic
  • [NUC-496] - Include recommended tags in detail page
  • [NUC-499] - Most recent comment shows up on top, most recent reply at the bottom
  • [NUC-601] - Add collapsible attribute categories to create/edit/detail page
  • [NUC-607] - Change image preview plugin
  • [NUC-614] - Change button position and design on create/edit pages
  • [NUC-627] - Design changes in suggestion lists
  • [NUC-704] - Adjust rating sliders and default none value
  • [NUC-707] - Make Radar Animation Configurable
  • [NUC-719] - Show popup instead of sidebar for relate action
  • [NUC-742] - Add wildcard (*) search definition to search explanation
  • [NUC-756] - Add search field to tag manage page
  • [NUC-769] - Change cursor icon on mouse-over segment label
  • [NUC-770] - Add hyperlinks to the related elements in pdf export
  • [NUC-771] - Add placeholder image for zero filter results
  • [NUC-774] - Change design for axis labels on portfolio axis
  • [NUC-787] - Redesign of login page
  • [NUC-800] - Add multiple layers in spider diagram
  • [NUC-814] - Performance improvements on cluster load
  • [NUC-823] - Make "Mark as Important" action bulk action
  • [NUC-892] - Design changes in the notification center
  • [NUC-943] - Change distance to center scale when dropdown field or single user rating is selected
  • [NUC-962] - Remove abstract from FAQ categories
  • [NUC-972] - Make the Design of Buttons Consistent
  • [NUC-1040] - Make the "Terms & Conditions" page responsive for mobile
  • [NUC-1042] - Radar Legend -> Design improvements
  • [NUC-1110] - Portfolio: Apply same label design as on radar page
  • [NUC-1118] - Add images to dynamic export
  • [NUC-1120] - Add headline to element pdf export for related elements
  • [NUC-1121] - Make button width consistent in News feed
  • [NUC-1123] - Radar PDF Export Redesign
  • [NUC-1220] - Exclude milestone type from relating elements
  • [NUC-1267] - Extend Dynamic Import with References (only links)
  • [NUC-1327] - Import images via image link
  • [NUC-1340] - Hide roadmap and milestone type from relation tab
  • [NUC-1399] - Remove milestone type from "Related To" filter
  • [NUC-1409] - N/A Rating Improvement: Remove value for greyed out slider
  • [NUC-1411] - Changes in tag management labelling
  • [NUC-1426] - Add tooltips to News Feed config page
  • [NUC-1449] - Campaign: Add fields "Date" and "User" to entity campaign custom field
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