Release Notes 3.4.5 - Enlightening Elderberry

Important Note

Some of the features mentioned below may need to be activated by ITONICS. For more Information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.

New Features

  • [NUC-835] - The date of last login has been added to the user management table
  • [NUC-894] - Tag filter has been added to radar, tag cloud and portfolio
  • [NUC-1200] - Review process/gate has been added to the Explorer
  • [NUC-1242] - Help text has been added to comment box to inform user about mentioning
  • [NUC-1264] - User export has been added as xlsx
  • [NUC-1476] - Related element count for “All Relations” at detail page has been added
  • [NUC-1571] - Like feature has been added for comments
  • [NUC-1573] - Option to hide/show entities has been added on landing page
  • [NUC-1588] - Option to invite all users to a newsletter has been added
  • [NUC-1611] - Rating tooltips have been added to the rating page
  • [NUC-1727] - Radar action to “hide empty segments” has been added
  • [NUC-1792] - Help text has been added to Search Field
  • [NUC-1858] - "Followed by me" Filter has been added in the Scout Explorer
  • [NUC-1863] - Shapes have been added as configurable option in Portfolio
  • [NUC-1959] - Time range filters have been added to the dashboard charts
  • [NUC-2066] - The “Relate To” Filter has been added in Radar, Portfolio, Tag cloud
  • [NUC-2186] - Notifications for review process have been added to the system
  • [NUC-2187] - Justification message for rejecting elements has been added in review
  • [NUC-2280] - The context has been added to the autosuggest user search fields
  • [NUC-2323] - A help text has been added to the rating comment box
  • [NUC-2360] - The new label design has been implemented to radar
  • [NUC-2374] - Relations on radar are properly shown when sidebar of an element is open
  • [NUC-2414] - Archived elements have been added in the Explorer
  • [NUC-2428] - The username and the “Interests” are now displayed on the user profile page
  • [NUC-2520] - The user information has been added to the global timeline
  • [NUC-2583] - “Top visited elements” in list have been added to Dashboard
  • [NUC-2585] - “Burst all Elements” action has been added to the Portfolio
  • [NUC-2612] - Numeric range filters have been added for number fields
  • [NUC-2693] - An option for the admin to upload/change the system logo has been added
  • [NUC-2975] - Drag & Drop images have been added to the comments section
  • [NUC-3118] - The two checkboxes: " Import as Draft" and "Skip/Ignore existing elements" have been added to the import page
  • [NUC-3179] - The "Interests" are now displayed on user profile as tag fields
  • [NUC-3082] - Portfolio Quadrants have been added


  • [NUC-889] - Attributes in user profiles have been extended
  • [NUC-979] - The behaviour of suggestion search fields has been changed and close now after selection
  • [NUC-1111] - The behaviour of mouse-over has been changed on portfolio: when mouse-over an element, all the other elements are greyed-out, also when it is hovered or clicked the element's label is shown
  • [NUC-1812] - Board: context menu has been replaced with the element side bar
  • [NUC-812] - Mentioning feature has been updated when writing a comment


  • [NUC-1236] - The Label design has been modified on the radar and portfolio
  • [NUC-1282] - Time range filters have been improved to the dashboard charts
  • [NUC-1813] - Board: Removed confirmation popup has been modified
  • [NUC-1902] - The count of active users has been updated: the “active user” is counted as the users who have logged in within the last 30 days
  • [NUC-1990] - New separator (;) has been added for entity import / export
  • [NUC-2190] - Challenge relations have been modified in related elements section
  • [NUC-2192] - The tags on the manage tags page have been updated: now they are clickable to redirect to the tag cloud with active filter
  • [NUC-2202] - The “Advanced Settings and Filters“ button has been redesigned in the entire system
  • [NUC-1122] - The design has been improved for the comment box



  • [NUC-2991] - The filter section has been collapsed by default on the Tag Cloud & Explorer


  • [NUC-2315] - The order of main menu points has been changed
  • [NUC-2342] - The "Date" has been renamed to “Created Date” in Explorer list view
  • [NUC-2213] - The mouse-over menu has been updated when clicking on the profile icon and the gearwheel icon
  • [NUC-1168] - The Kanban Board within the bottom-up challenges has been redesigned


  • [NUC-1661] - The share feature of the entities has been improved: now the shared entity is accessible from Landing page
  • [NUC-2254] - The "Favorite Activity" has been renamed to "Follow Activity" on the "Activity Rate" graph on the dashboard
  • [NUC-2286] - The password policy has been updated/extended
  • [NUC-2369] - Elements have been distributed for dynamic segment size on the Radar
  • [NUC-2370] - Elements have been distributed within individual segments to the Radar
  • [NUC-2382] - The visualization of grouped information has been improved in the Edit/Create form
  • [NUC-2383] - The default profile image has been changed
  • [NUC-2400] - The count of total users has been adjusted on Dashboard
  • [NUC-2939] - A new Feedback Module has been implemented
  • [NUC-1753] - The cards have been redesigned to the Explorer


  • [NUC-2433] - The behavior of click event of Label on radar and portfolio has been improved
  • [NUC-2588] - The Design for Manage API Request List view has been improved along with the whole site table design
  • [NUC-2557] - The Radar Labels for “Distance” have been improved
  • [NUC-2579] - The percentage for the "Total users" tile has been adjusted and the tooltips have been adjusted for the total users
  • [NUC-2586] - The performance of Tag Cloud has been improved
  • [NUC-2591] - The filter on the landing page timeline has been changed from "My favorites" filter to "Followed by me" filter
  • [NUC-2719] - Different tokens have been made for web clipper and App; now the single user can log in into App as well as Web clipper parallelly
  • [NUC-2723] - The "Clicks" has been renamed to "Visits" on Dashboard
  • [NUC-2814] - API manage page has been updated/improved
  • [NUC-3250] - Drag & Drop feature has been improved to the RTE field
  • [NUC-2948] - The new design has been implemented in the Manage Brand module


  • [NUC-2284] - The preview popup has been replaced with the element side bar in the Explorer


  • [NUC-2287] - Label design of Portfolio elements has been changed


  • [NUC-2298] - The radar design has been updated


  • [NUC-2472] - The preview icon has been applied to a card/tile which will open the element sidebar preview


  • [NUC-2379] - The label box has been made clickable on the Radar


  • [NUC-2566] - The login screen design has been improved


  • [NUC-2595] - The icons of the view and delete icon of the preview have been updated


  • [NUC-2826] - The discussion tab has been redesigned to the Innovation Project



  • [NUC-2956] - Max length of abstract text has been changed in preview to 800 chars
  • [NUC-2968] - The behavior of hovering and clicking on Portfolio elements has been improved
  • [NUC-3006] - The admin menu items have been reorganized
  • [NUC-3009] - The highlight color of radar range dividers has been matched with brand color management
  • [NUC-3027] - The radar collision detection has been improved
  • [NUC-3053] - Recommended tags have been enabled by default for all new systems
  • [NUC-3079] - Rating performance on the Radar has been improved
  • [NUC-3167] - The interface of one-time login message has been updated


  • [NUC-3170] - The interface of registration page has been improved


  • [NUC-3109] - The selectable fonts have been updated in the RTE field
  • [NUC-3138] - The order of action control has been changed to the Portfolio
  • [NUC-3207] - The N/A icon has been updated in the Radar & Portfolio
  • [NUC-3213] - Displayed milestones have been fixed in the element bar
  • [NUC-3178] - The editing feature and success message of user profile has been updated
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