Release Notes 3.4.7- Gloomy Grapefruit

Important Note

Some of the features mentioned below may need to be activated by ITONICS. For more Information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.

New Features

  • [NUC-38] - A Network Graph visualization has been added in order to visualize relations between elements


  • [NUC-104] - Roadmap: A sidebar legend for milestone types & color codes has been added to the roadmap


  • [NUC-256] - A "clear all filters"-button has been added to all locations
  • [NUC-355] - E-Mail notification configuration has been added to the system administration
  • [NUC-725] - Elements can now be filtered by the option "location" in the Explorer
  • [NUC-1666] - Elements can now be filtered by the option "shared with me" in the Explorer
  • [NUC-2119] - Submissions can now be exported from Challenges
  • [NUC-3539] - A Task feature for elements has been added to the Entity configuration. It is now possible to assign tasks to elements.


  • [NUC-3631] - Incoming and outgoing connections associated with an Element are now displayed in the Roadmap tab


  • [NUC-3725] - The Workflow configuration has been added to the entity configuration. 


  • [NUC-3774] - Elements can now be filtered by several milestone related options like "milestone date" & "milestone type" in the Explorer
  • [NUC-4030] - Milestone to milestone connections have been added
  • [NUC-4061] - Dynamic filters have been added to the Roadmap
  • [NUC-4309] - A new overview page with information about invited users has been added
  • [NUC-4351] - A new field type for single- or multi-file upload has been implemented
  • [NUC-4409] - The Filter, Quick Filter & Quick View feature has been added to the Roadmap. Users can now filter elements, save filters, access saved filters, and open saved views on the Roadmap. 



  • [NUC-4438] - A new table structure as a new default field has been added mceclip6.png
  • [NUC-4488] - A copy feature for Elements has been added to the Entity configuration. Users are now able to create copies of existing Elements
  • [NUC-4517] - An image scraping functionality from provided URL's has been added mceclip5.png
  • [NUC-4631] - The amount of team members in a project can now be defined
  • [NUC-4670] - A hover menu to highlight, hide Elements or access the connection filter menu for Roadmap Elements has been added


  • [NUC-4681] - When a user removes an Element, a warning message about the deletion of related milestones has been added
  • [NUC-4716] - A new custom widget, which enables the user to implement his own content with HTML-code, has been added
  • [NUC-4850] - An application feature has been added to user search fields
  • [NUC-4863] - Multiple comment tabs can now be added to entities
  • [NUC-4866] - A new "Creator" role for the workflow button visibility and workflow notifications has been added
  • [NUC-4979] - A new menu point to hide the secondary menu when there is only one visualization available has been added to System Administration > Landing Page > Landing Page Menu 
  • [NUC-5036] - Ideas & Phase information has been added to the campaign excel export


  • [NUC-97] - The Entity specific timeline has been updated
  • [NUC-1065] - The process behind "password forget" has been updated
  • [NUC-1143] - A new column, which includes a link to the single element, has been added to the dynamic excel export
  • [NUC-1862] - The software language is changed immediately after a user switches the language
  • [NUC-1917] - The rating records have been added to the element timeline


  • [NUC-2217] - A consistent legend design across visualizations has been implemented 
  • [NUC-2561] - Loading performance of the Roadmap has been improved
  • [NUC-2758] - The UI of interactive user notifications has been updated
  • [NUC-3333] - The process of adding images to the comment section has been improved
  • [NUC-3334] - A drag & drop image visualization has been added to all rich text editor fields
  • [NUC-3374] - The design of radio buttons and checkboxes has been updated
  • [NUC-3550] - A loading wheel, which is displayed during the loading process from forms has been added
  • [NUC-3700] - The display of elements in sub-segments in the radar has been improved
  • [NUC-3728] - The phase history tab has been added to the timeline/history
  • [NUC-3754] - The design of entity growth tiles in the Dashboard visualization has been improved 
  • [NUC-3758] - Information about milestones have been added to the Roadmap import/export
  • [NUC-3878] - The design of the notification panel has been improved
  • [NUC-3939] - The user experience of the feedback manage page has been improved
  • [NUC-4062] - The Roadmap detail page structure has been improved
  • [NUC-4150] - The design and the user experience of the Explorer card has been updated


  • [NUC-4189] - The "following"- icon has been updated system-wide


  • [NUC-4307] - A placeholder image will be displayed during the loading process in the Signal feed
  • [NUC-4492] - A new loading animation has been added to element cards
  • [NUC-4521] - The design of the search term fields has been improved
  • [NUC-4543] - The permission configuration for action buttons has been updated
  • [NUC-4553] - A meatball menu, which will be displayed when too many filter tabs are available,  has been added


  • [NUC-4599] - The icons for "edit", "rate" and "delete" actions have been updated


  • [NUC-4601] - A sorting functionality for FAQ articles has been added
  • [NUC-4663] - The structure of the roadmap tab has been improved
  • [NUC-4694] - A limit to the bulk export for PDF files has been added
  • [NUC-4704] - If a task is moved an updated status message is shown
  • [NUC-4719] - The display of comments in the timeline has been updated
  • [NUC-4904] - A placeholder if there are no signals available has been added
  • [NUC-4947] - The color of the connection line between milestones has been changed
  • [NUC-4997] - The menu bar design has been improved


  • [NUC-5007] - The Dashboard design has been improved
  • [NUC-5063] - Additional columns have been added to the user export
  • [NUC-5262] - A placeholder image for an empty Dashboard has been added
  • [NUC-5295] - The user profile design has been improved
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