Release Notes 3.4.4 - Devilish Durian

Important Note

Some of the features mentioned below may need to be activated by ITONICS. For more Information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.

New Features

Like Feature

You can now like (thumbs-up) any element in the system to get a quantified view on the popularity of your elements.


Permission sharing

You can now share permissions of a specific element with different users or user groups. You can select between view, rate, edit or delete permission.


Dynamic segment size

The size of the radar segments can now be dynamically calculated depending on the actual number of elements within a specific segment. You can switch between static and dynamic segment sizes.


Portfolio Legend

The radar legend design has been adapted to the portfolio as well. The portfolio now shows a legend on the left hand side similar to the radar page.


Board View

A brand-new board visualization has been added as part of ITONICS’ lean portfolio management approach. The board allows you to get a transparent view of all projects, initiatives or such across different stages and phases. The dynamic axis, swimlanes and columns allow the user to flexibly change the attributes.


Rating Export & Rating Import

As an application owner you can now export and import all ratings for those entity types rating is configured.


  • [NUC-400] - Add favorite and timeline to corpus entity
  • [NUC-429] - Rename "Favorite" to "Follow"
  • [NUC-494] - Implement popup for deleting elements
  • [NUC-722] - Search should also find similar strings by default
  • [NUC-749] - Design consistency of searchable dropdown
  • [NUC-833] - Improvements on uploading images in RTE
  • [NUC-913] - Put focus on comment box after clicking "Reply comment"
  • [NUC-950] - New Tag List design adjustments
  • [NUC-993] - Add context filters also to explorer, portfolio and tag cloud filters
  • [NUC-1034] - Remove highlight color from saved filters
  • [NUC-1047] - Ideation: Switch Tab in Submission form
  • [NUC-1108] - Remove current elements from portfolio fullscreen
  • [NUC-1141] - Make element PDF export headlines consistent
  • [NUC-1142] - Jump to correct filter tab in Explorer
  • [NUC-1150] - Tooltip wording adjustments
  • [NUC-1165] - Change default sorting of "Alphabet" sorting option to ASC
  • [NUC-1172] - Send a notification to the application owners if a new user was added to the system through SSO
  • [NUC-1180] - Decrease default height of RTE field
  • [NUC-1183] - Maillog: Update buttons should be disabled if there are no mails selected
  • [NUC-1194] - Make portfolio multi-entity supportive
  • [NUC-1195] - Rename newsletter settings headline
  • [NUC-1196] - Blueprint: Add Innovation Project entity
  • [NUC-1202] - Add rating filter also to radar and portfolio
  • [NUC-1203] - PDF Export: Improve relation tile design
  • [NUC-1229] - Implement new banner arrow design
  • [NUC-1280] - Align button width in News Feed
  • [NUC-1296] - Show user roles on user profile
  • [NUC-1297] - Add new permission for rating table
  • [NUC-1307] - Add filter "unrated" to Rating filter
  • [NUC-1314] - Change Newsletter warning message
  • [NUC-1320] - Landing page: make entity headlines plural
  • [NUC-1326] - Add URLs/Links from reference module to dynamic xlsx export
  • [NUC-1336] - Portfolio: Show label below element instead of above
  • [NUC-1338] - Give every input field 3px border radius
  • [NUC-1339] - Newsletter: Please add tooltip to show full title in case title is cut
  • [NUC-1341] - Remove literature suggestions on URL field
  • [NUC-1351] - Rename Corpus entity to "Search Field"
  • [NUC-1441] - Radar PDF Export design tweaks
  • [NUC-1457] - Make matching string part bold for similar elements
  • [NUC-1465] - Newsletter: Allow to search for roles and user groups in recipient field
  • [NUC-1499] - Add secondary menu for portfolio pages (similar to radar pages)
  • [NUC-1523] - Adjust icons in navigation bar
  • [NUC-1524] - Challenge: rename "Submit Submissions" to "Submit"
  • [NUC-1528] - Display all recommended tags with lower characters
  • [NUC-1564] - FAQ Tiles: Create backend option to change tile size
  • [NUC-1570] - Avoid breaks within attributes on PDF export
  • [NUC-1616] - Changes in Newsletter settings page
  • [NUC-1625] - Make matching strings bold
  • [NUC-1679] - Share Popup: Design adjustments
  • [NUC-1705] - Scout: Adjust import popup
  • [NUC-1713] - Make FAQ categories sortable
  • [NUC-1759] - Community space: rename tab "Further Information" to "Community Information"
  • [NUC-1814] - Dynamic Board: Add filters
  • [NUC-1822] - Community space: Move description to general information tab
  • [NUC-1823] - Change background of collapsable Info fields
  • [NUC-1824] - Board: Add permission for drag and drop
  • [NUC-1825] - Experts for trends and technologies shall auto-follow the elements
  • [NUC-1827] - Notification for removed comment
  • [NUC-1828] - Notification for expert of trend & technology
  • [NUC-1833] - Company information: add number of employees to collapsible field
  • [NUC-1861] - Show more menu items in navigation bar
  • [NUC-1914] - Increase height of auto-suggestion list
  • [NUC-1925] - Display Comments based on permission on details page
  • [NUC-1960] - Change radar tooltips
  • [NUC-1981] - Border radius on roadmap elements
  • [NUC-1999] - Mark username with highlight color when mouse-over
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