Release Notes 3.4.6 - Fancy Fennel

Important Note

Some of the features mentioned below may need to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.

New Features

  • [NUC-175] - A sort dropdown has been added to the comments section for changing the order of the comments
  • [NUC-​615​] - Saved filters have been added to the Radar, Portfolio, Rag Cloud, Dynamic Board and Roadmap
  • [NUC-846] - “Invite user” button has been added to the user manage section


  • [NUC-1419] - “View all Elements” button has been added to the global search field. The element Status has been also added to the elements shown as results in global search
  • [NUC-1871] - The global search now shows the type, image and icon of an element
  • [NUC-1912] - The N/A option has been added as inverted Rating criteria to the rating page
  • [NUC-4149] - The "Liked by me" filter option has been added to the "My Filters" in the Filter tab of Explorer, Radar, Portfolio, Board, and Tag Cloud
  • [NUC-3481] - The Entity restriction has been applied to the Milestone Type form
  • [NUC-3376] - Notifications for Access Requests have been added to the system
  • [NUC-3382] - The "Status" filter is now shown in the Explorer to all users
  • [NUC-3508] - The option Shape attribute has been added to the rating, custom and dynamic fields
  • [NUC-3354] - A hover color has been added to the list and table row hover
  • [NUC-3355] - A new List view design has been implemented to the Explorer
  • [NUC-3363] - Now clicking on the title of an element tiles, opens the Detail page of the element in the same tab
  • [NUC-3726] - The number fields have been allowed on the Portfolio axis
  • [NUC-2325] - “Related To” and “Tag” filters have been added to the Dynamic Board and Portfolio
  • [NUC-2109] - The Signals Feed has been integrated


  • [NUC-3520] - The Share request count has been added to the Detail page
  • [NUC-2926] - The secondary menu has been added for Dynamic Boards
  • [NUC-2949] - Two new “Relate Activity” and “Rate Activity” have been added to the "Activity Rate" diagram in the Dashboard
  • [NUC-2957] - An element is now shown on the Radar if a single input field is configured as a Rating
  • [NUC-3026] - When a user has been removed as an Expert, he/she automatically unfollows that element
  • [NUC-3229] - Now it is possible to navigate through suggestion lists with the arrow keys of the keyboard
  • [NUC-2438] - The "Review” has been added to the Dashboard chart
  • [NUC-2111] - The Roadmap tab has been added to the detail page


  • [NUC-2416] - Aggregation option has been added to Project Kanban Board
  • [NUC-2829] - The “New” label for elements has been implemented


  • [NUC-3614] - Now clicking on the rate icon of the tile, redirects to the detail page and directly opens up the "Rate now" pop-up box


  • [NUC-2960] - The Element Status has been added to an element sidebar



  • [NUC-965] - The Rating Tab design has been updated


  • [NUC-1605] - Tag visibility has been hidden from Challenge create/edit form and Submission create/edit form
  • [NUC-3513] - The behavior of “Like” button has been changed
  • [NUC-1636] - The Layer Design of Roadmap has been changed
  • [NUC-1988] - The End Date field has been made non-mandatory in both create/edit form of Challenge
  • [NUC-1312] - The User search list design has been adjusted


  • [NUC-1534] - The "Image Attachments" option has been removed from the Campaign and Submission
  • [NUC-2540] - The User Add button on the Community Tab within the Community Space has been made visible only for the user roles who have edit permission
  • [NUC-2992] - The “Follow” label has been updated
  • [NUC-3171] - The order of search results has been changed on the Roadmap
  • [NUC-3262] - The number validation option has been adjusted
  • [NUC-3304] - The comment field has been hidden from users who do not have permission to comment
  • [NUC-3387] - Explorer Fiter Tabs have been redesigned


  • [NUC-2086] - The Rating Slider on Detail Page has been improved
  • [NUC-2475] - All of the pop ups have been applied the same design
  • [NUC-3353] - The design of Admin menu has been updated
  • [NUC-3245] - The validations for Roadmap have been added in both the Roadmap page and in detail & edit page of an element
  • [NUC-3249] - The “Follow” feature now synchronizes properly with the App system and desktop
  • [NUC-3584] - The tooltip of active “Follow” button has been updated
  • [NUC-3211] - The User Profile Page has been redesigned
  • [NUC-3403] - The Newsletter has been moved from the main menu to the admin menu
  • [NUC-2560] - The Share feature has been applied permission sharing with roles
  • [NUC-4046] - ​The Roadmap Tab has been hidden from create/edit page of elements
  • [NUC-3581] - The rating comment field has been disabled when the Rating criteria has no value
  • [NUC-3747] - The Business Context has been removed from the Registration page
  • [NUC-3764] - The Roadmap sync dates have been separated from other date fields
  • [NUC-3782] - The way of displaying the Context Ratings has been improved to the rating bar
  • [NUC-3790] - The rating analysis tab has been hidden when there is no Rating
  • [NUC-3936] - The Roadmap Tab has been redesigned to the Detailpage
  • [NUC-3476] - The big tiles have been redesigned on the homepage


  • [NUC-3653] - The rating visualization in side bar has been modified
  • [NUC-1543] - New logic has been implemented when saving Ratings
  • [NUC-3580] - Ratings are now not overwritten anymore but being saved every time you rate
  • [NUC-4034] - ​The Milestone sidebar has been adjusted


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