ZIP-Image Import

The main purpose of image import is to enrich existing elements/content with images by bulk importing them and to reuse the existing images.

Upload images into the system

  1. Create a zip file of the images that you’d like to upload. (NOTE: Do not create a zip archive from a folder. Please create the zip archive by directly selecting the images)
  2. Go to Administration Menu > Export / Import Data > Zip/Import Image
  3. Upload the Zip archive you have prepared and click “Import Images”. (NOTE: If there is already an image having a similar name as the image name in the zip file then the file will be skipped.)


Once imported then it will show a success message.

Map images to elements

After you have sucessfully uploaded all images with the zip-archive import, you now have to map the images to the respective elements.

  1. Go to the element excel import
  2. Fill out the profile image column of the respective element with the image file name (NOTE: The image will only be mapped, if the file name matches with the reference in the column)


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