Managing tasks

To ensure standardized quality within the different workflow steps you have defined for your portfolio (e.g., project, technology, product), you can pre-define certain tasks required (or optional) for the different steps.

Similar to other data objects in the system, you can configure the structure of those task objects for every element type. Tasks usually come with the following default configuration:

Renaming tasks can be easily done. You can use activities, deliverables, or action items as an alternative to tasks.


You can use task management as a stand-alone configuration to track certain tasks. Most of the time, the task management is combined with the workflow engine to assign individual tasks to the specified workflow steps.

For every button that you define within the workflow configuration, you can configure a dependency on the assigned tasks to the respective workflow step. You can define different conditions for those dependencies using the attributes you have configured for the task object. An example of a condition could be: "All tasks for the particular workflow step have to be done before the corresponding button can be triggered."

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