Creating and providing campaign blueprints

What is it?

ITONICS Campaigns offers the possibility to define multiple campaign blueprints that you can use for easier campaign setup. A blueprint can come with a pre-configured campaign visibility, workflow configuration, and submission configuration. 

This allows you, as an Application Owner, to create a specific campaign type once and offer such to the various campaign managers inside your company, e.g., you can design blueprints for hackathons, design thinking challenges, or branding challenges. 

How does it work?

To edit existing blueprints or add a new campaign blueprint, navigate to the Settings Wheel > Campaign > Campaign Blueprints.

After clicking on it, you will have the option to Add Campaign Blueprint or edit an existing blueprint via the pen icon. You can also delete blueprints that you do not want to provide via the trash icon.

Follow now the same procedure as you would create a campaign from scratch. This means:

Once done, the saved blueprint will be available to campaign creators if they use the create button in the top menu and select the respective blueprint under the "from blueprint" option in the creation wizard.



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