The in-system notification bell

What is it? 

In-system notifications inform you about the latest activities in the ITONICS platform. The number of unread notifications is displayed next to the bell icon in the top menu.


Besides email notifications, in-system notifications are the second option for how users are kept informed of what is happening in the application. 


How does it work? 

  • To preview unread notifications, click the Bell icon in the top right menu. (1)
  • To reset the notifications count, click Mark all as read. (2)
  • To mark a single notification as read, click the circle icon next to it while hovering. (3)
  • To remove a single notification from the notification panel, click the X icon next to the notification. (4)
  • To remove all in-system notifications, click the Clear button. (5)
  • The in-system notifications, as well as the time passed since its reporting, are displayed. (5)
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