Adding a custom menu page

What is it? 

In general, the main navigation bar on top of your application bar cannot be configured - except for hiding the secondary menu and for using HTML code to create a custom page.

Such a custom page can be helpful, for instance, to name contact persons, to add a FAQ section, or to link training material.

How does the Custom Menu Configuration work?

Once the feature is activated by your Customer Innovation Success Manager, navigate to the Settings Wheel > Custom Menu Configuration.

Click on the add new custom menu button. A new window opens from which you can name your menu and configure the page. The menu content section is a Rich Text Field

You can also add your HTML-code here. If you set the status to active, it will then appear in the top navigation bar. To manage the access permissions, please talk to your Customer Innovation Success Manager.

How to show/hide the secondary menu?

If you want to hide the secondary menu, you need to navigate to the Settings Wheel > System Administration > Landing Page > Landing Page Menu.

Here, you will find a checkbox to hide the secondary menu. This way, only the main navigation bar entries (e.g., home, explorer, matrix, radar, roadmap, or tag cloud) will be shown and when hovering over the menu points, no further navigation points, i.e., the secondary menu, will appear.

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