Campaign: Evaluators Overview

Use the Evaluators Overview within any campaign to get an overview of the assigned evaluators within that campaign.

The evaluators overview helps the Campaign Manager to:

  • Keep track of the progress of rating tasks.
  • Get an overview of open evaluations.
  • Send notification reminders to assigned evaluators who have not rated all their assigned elements.

Note: The evaluator progress overview is available for campaigns of both type time-bound and always-on.

How to navigate to the evaluators overview

Open the detail page of the respective campaign. On the detail page, navigate to the Dashboard tab (1) and scroll down to view the evaluators overview.


In general, the evaluators overview is structured in a table view, providing the following information per submission:

  • The title of the submission (2)
  • The rating progress for the submission (3)
  • The evaluators assigned to the submission (4)

You can click on the arrow icon next to the Title and Rated by headers to sort the table ascending or descending (5). Use the magnifier icon to open an additional search field (6), which enables you to narrow down the table overview. This is especially helpful for campaigns with a lot of submissions.


When hovering over a submission in the evaluators overview table, a Show List button is displayed (8). Click on this button to open a new modal Assigned Evaluators, which provides a more detailed view of all evaluators assigned to this submission. 

You will now see two lists displayed in a new table: a list of the evaluators (9) and their corresponding Rating Status (either Open or Done) (10). You can unassign evaluators from a submission by checking the checkbox next to the evaluator’s name (12) and confirming your selection by clicking the Remove selected Evaluators button (13).

Note: If an evaluator has already rated a submission, meaning the rating status is set to Done, then deleting this evaluator from a submission will not remove the already completed rating.


How to notify open evaluators

The evaluators overview provides two options to contact evaluators who still have pending open rating tasks:

  1. Notify on campaign phase level:
    • Notify all open evaluators that they have pending rating tasks in any submission in a specific phase by clicking the Ping Open Evaluators button (7).
  2. Notify on submission level:
    • Notify all open evaluators that they have pending rating tasks on a single submission by clicking the Ping Open Evaluators button (13) in the Assigned Evaluators modal of a single submission.

Note: In both cases, only assigned evaluators with the rating status Open will receive a notification.








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