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Please note that since you are able to rename all entities in your ITONICS system, ideas may be called submissions or vice versa. It could also be called something different from ideas and/or submissions, depending on your use case. In this article, we will refer to ideas for the purpose of illustration.

The ITONICS idea rating import feature is part of ITONICS Campaigns. 

To populate existing or imported ideas with your existing ratings, you can make use of the dynamic upload interface that adapts to your campaign- and submission specific configuration. 

How to import ratings for ideas?

The idea rating import is split up into the following steps:

1. Go to Explorer > Campaigns and open the Campaign that you want to populate with ideas.

2. Click on the Import icon on the right-hand side of the Campaign detail page and choose the option Import Idea Ratings.


You will be redirected to the idea rating import interface.

3. Download the import template by clicking on the Generate Import Template button. After clicking the button, an Excel file will be downloaded.

Note: The idea rating template consists of default information, but also the configuration you have applied for your idea form. The different fields are listed column by column. Please fill in the information for your ideas row by row. To learn more about ITONICS Excel import, please check out the following article.

The generated import template consists of the following columns:

  • ID: The ID column requires a positive integer value. The ID can be selected as the unique identifier during the import process.
  • Rated By: The Rated By column requires an existing username to set as the rater information for the respective element. Note: You have to fill in the username, not E-Mail address, first-/last name.
  • Idea title: The idea title column requires a string. The title is the name of your idea.
  • Rating: 5-Star Rating: The 5-Star Rating column requires a number with a value between 1-5.
  • Rating: Rating Name (Phase): The Rating Name (Phase) column requires a string with an existing rating criteria.

4. Upload it to your system by clicking the Choose file button and selecting the right template.

Click on the Import button to start the import process.

  • If the import was successful, you will get a pop-up confirmation.
  • If the import identifies errors, warnings, or missing values, the import will be canceled by showing the identified issues.

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