Understanding Draft, Review, Published, and Archived Statuses

When you publish an element, there are four different status types it can have:

  • Draft: A draft is used for elements that are still being written or edited. It is not yet ready for review or publication. This status is usually used for content that is in the early stages of development and is not yet complete.
  • Review: An element that is in review has been completed and is being reviewed by one or more people before it is published. This status is usually used for content that is ready for publication but needs to be reviewed for accuracy, grammar, and other issues before it is shared w.
  • Published: A piece of content that has been published is available shared widely to view. This status is used for content that has been reviewed and approved for publication.
  • Archived: Archived content is content that is no longer active. It is not deleted but is not available for users to view any longer. This status is usually used for content that is outdated or no longer relevant, but is still kept for historical or reference purposes.

Where can I find the element status?

If an element is either in Draft, Archived or Review, you will see an indicator on the top left corner on the element card.


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