Sync Roadmap Dates

The ITONICS Roadmap module allows you to add the same element (e.g., projects, products, technologies) not only on a single roadmap but on other roadmaps as well, generating multiple records within the Roadmap tab on the Element Detail Page.


Use cases for the synced Roadmap Dates Feature

ITONICS Roadmap provides you with a feature that synchronizes the start and end date of an element across different roadmaps. This feature could be used to perform   one of the following use cases:

  • Your project affects multiple other activities on different roadmaps and is delayed by 2 weeks. Instead of maintaining and documenting this delay on every roadmap your project is listed on, you are simply adjusting the end date on your project and the project will update on every roadmap automatically.
  • The collaboration with an important scientific partner is delayed and cannot start unless the last pending approvals on the legal side are cleared. This affects different project teams from kicking off their projects, which  causes an overall delay of the planned initiative. Instead of updating all activities on the different roadmaps manually, the system will maintain the update automatically.

How to enable and configure the synced Roadmap Date Feature

To enable the synced roadmap date feature, go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration and navigate to the element type for which you want to enable the synced roadmap date feature by clicking the Edit pen icon:


  • Enable - if not already done - the Roadmap module for the element type of choice.
  • Tick the checkbox Sync Roadmap Dates and click Save.


  • Navigate to the newly added tab Synced Roadmap Dates. (1)
  • Define field labels (2), tooltips (3) and help text (4) for both the start date field and end date field.
    Note: The start and end date fields are mandatory by default.
  • You can adjust the placement of the two new fields in the View and Form Configuration. You can also place them in group fields via the Group Field Configuration.
  • The start and end date fields can also be configured via the Field Configuration.
  • You can also use the start and end date with the Excel import/export, but also within a workflow, for example using the date value change or convert entity trigger type.
  • Note: When changing the start and end date via Excel import, it will change start and end date for the respective element(s) across all roadmaps.


Adjust the start and end dates

Every time the start or end date is changed from the following locations, all other start and end dates are automatically updated and synchronized:

  1. Editing the above generated start date field or end date field via the Edit Element functionality.
  2. Updating the start or end date on the roadmap visualization with drag and drop.

Note: The start and end dates cannot be edited on the Roadmap tab of an element if the sync roadmap date feature is enabled.


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