Visual Roadmap Editor

The visual Roadmap editor helps you to apply changes to your planning easily. 

Change the start and end date of a Roadmap Element

If you hover over an Element, handles on the left and right side of the Element appear. If you click and drag them (1), you can change the start and end date of the Element.


Drag the Element to another Layer

You can drag an Element to another layer by pressing and holding the left mouse button and moving the Element to another layer.


Add an existing Element to your Roadmap

If you hover on an empty space in a Roadmap on which you have edit permissions, the cursor displays as a cross. If you click and drag, you create a Roadmap Element (1) that you can connect to a system Element afterwards, by filling in the Create Roadmap Element section(2).


Save your changes

Once you are done with your changes, save them accordingly. Find out how to save your Roadmap in this article.

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