Work with External Gateway templates

Email templates are grouped based on related content and defined by different categories. You can use email templates of category External Gateway to notify Gateway Responsible/s about new submissions or provide external users with status updates for their submission(s).

There are two options to use email templates from the category External Gateway:

  • You can either make use of the predefined templates
    1. Application Information, and
    2. Inform Gateway Responsible/s,



Once you have created your custom template/s or decided to choose a predefined template:

  1. Go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration > [entity:type] > Manage External Gateway tab.
  2. Here, you can check the option Send Confirmation Mail and select a corresponding template from the Notification dropdown.
  3. Check the option Notify Gateway Responsible/s and, again, select a corresponding email template from the Notification dropdown.
    1. You can now select the respective user/s in the dropdown to define as the Recipient/s.



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