Create an Email template

By clicking on the Add Email Template button, you will be redirected to the Create Email Template interface. 

How to create your new template:

  • Select a category. If you have Workflow and External Gateway activated, you can select one of these for your template. You cannot change the selected category after saving your template. (1)
  • Enter a template title which will be displayed on the template table on the manage page, and under the Notifications tab on the user profile settings. (2)
  • Define a Subject. (3)
  • Add Body Text if needed. In some instances, it may be useful to simply add a button in your body text, rather than plain text. (4) The respective tokens will only be displayed once you have selected a category.
  • Enter your Button Text. (5)
  • Add a Button Link. You can select a Button link from the tokens provided, or you can paste an external URL. (6)
  • Define whether the respective email template should be set to active. This email template will then be displayed in the notification settings of a user’s profile (7).
  • Enforce the subscription of a specific email template using the Forbid Unsubscription option (8).
  • Have a look at the example on the right to better understand how the content will be displayed in the email. (9)


Once done, do not forget to hit Save.


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