Recommended Relations

What is the Recommended Relations feature?

The recommended relations feature allows you to easily find other Elements on the platform that relates to an Element that you are interested in. 

Where do I find the Feature?

If the recommended relations functionality is enabled, you can find the feature by clicking on Find Relations on the Element detail page. The system will automatically recommend other similar Elements.


How can I use the feature?

When creating or editing an Element, you can add Tags to your Element. The system analyses in real-time whether your Tags are also used by other Elements. If yes, the relation gets a “Score” that is seen in the element bracket of the Recommended Relation Section. If the score is high, your element and the recommended Element have many common tags which makes it more likely that those have a relation to each other. Recommended_Relations.png

How do I get the best out of the feature?

The recommended relations feature inspects the tags of the system. Both from the Elements, as well as from the Users who can add those e.g. for their Interests (1) like seen below. Therefore we recommend precisely using tags inside the system wherever possible.



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