Assign users to manage Campaigns

Assigning one or more users as Campaign managers for specific Campaigns allows users from within your organization to set up, host, and manage their own Campaigns. Distributing the work of managing Campaigns enables shared responsibility that furthers transparency.

How to add Campaign Managers

  1. When creating a new Campaign or editing an existing Campaign, there is a user search field called Campaign Manager. You can assign one or more users from the system to this field. Make sure to hit the Save button at the bottom of the pageCampaign_Manager_-_Create.png
  2. On the detail page of the Campaign, all users with the permission to edit the Campaign see an action button Add more next to the Campaign Managers field in the sidebar. (1) Clicking on the button opens a popup window that shows all recommended Campaign Managers (2) and a user search field to add Campaign Managers manually (3). Make sure to hit the Save button at the bottom of the popup window once you have made your changes. Campaign_Manager_-_Detail_Page.png

Permissions of Campaign Managers

Users assigned to the Campaign Manager field do not necessarily need permission to "View all Campaigns" or "Edit all Campaigns" which can be given to the individual roles via Entity Configuration. Campaign Managers have permission to view and edit their specific campaign regardless of their role.

Note: the Campaign Manager field can not be deleted or deactivated via the Field Configuration in the Entity Configuration. But you can edit the Tooltip and the Help text.

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