How to create a Newsletter

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

Create and send out Newsletters on the ITONICS system to engage with your users and keep them updated on developments, share interesting insights, and encourage participation.

There are two ways to create Newsletters:

  1. Create a completely new Newsletter using the Newsletter Manage Page.
  2. Create your Newsletters by using a pre-selected set of Elements from the Explorer.

Create a newsletter from scratch

  • Go to Settings > Newsletter.
  • Click on the Add Newsletter button on the Newsletter form page to start filling in the fields. (1)


    • Begin with selecting your Recipients that are either single users or user groups within the system. (2)
    • Add a Subject (shown as a mail title). (3)
    • Upload a header image, that can be a logo of a company. (4)
    • Add a Section Title (5). You can add more than one section by clicking on the Add Section button below (8).
    • You can define the content of a section (text, bullet lists, images, etc.) (6).
    • Select the Elements that you want to include in your Newsletter (7).
    • You can add an Individual Footer to your Newsletter. (9)


When you are finished with the setup, click Save to save the Newsletter as a draft. (10)

Create a Newsletter from the Explorer

Go to the Explorer and select several Elements (11). Once finished with the selection, click on the Create Newsletter button (12). You will be redirected to the Create Newsletter interface with all the previously selected Elements.


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