How to create an element with Crunchbase

Please be aware that the Crunchbase module has to be activated and configured properly before you are able to create an element with Crunchbase. Please see the following article for the set-up:  Crunchbase Integration

Once Crunchbase was activated for a certain element  you have now two options to create elements of this entity type: 

  • Create with Crunchbase allows you to search and create a specific element based on the defined data mapping.  (1)
  • Create from Scratch allows you to create the element manually in the usual way (2)


If you decide to go with Crunchbase simply click on the Crunchbase tile and hit the create button. A search bar appears which allows you to query for a specific element in Crunchbase. A suggestion bar indicates the search results dependent on your input.


Once you choose the respective result you are forwarded to the creation page of the element. The mapped fields are already pre-filled with the content of Crunchbase. You can now enrich other fields manually or directly save the new element.

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