Creating Inspirations from ITONICS Signals

Inspirations are evidence of how organizations or structures are innovating by adopting certain trends or technologies. You can easily turn a Signal shown in the Signals feed into an Inspiration Element to be able to use it further down the line.

To do so, navigate to any Element’s Detail Page, and choose the Signals tab. 

Note: You will only see this option if you have not yet created an Inspiration from the respective Signal.


Clicking the button Save as Inspiration will open the Element creation form in a new tab where several fields are pre-filled, such as the title, abstract, and Tags using the information from the respective Signal.

Once you have created the Inspiration, you and your colleagues will be able to return to the newly created Element from the Signal card by clicking on the View Inspiration button.


Want to create another Element with a different Element Type from a Signal? Please, get in touch with your CISM, we would be happy to assist.

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