Roadmap Views

When looking at different roadmaps you can apply various filter and view options to narrow down the content that is shown on the roadmap. Depending on the perspective or question at hand you might want to apply the following options:

  1. Data filtering to narrow down the content based on hard facts and filter criteria
  2. Connection filtering to limit the content to only connected elements
  3. Timeline filtering to focus on a dedicated time window
  4. Hiding elements to reduce noise and distraction
  5. Highlighting elements to put focus on very important topics

Once you have applied all those above options to narrow down the roadmap content you can save your roadmap view by clicking on the Save icon. For saving a roadmap view you can define the following settings:

  1. Title to find your roadmap views later
  2. Selected view settings to manually manipulate what is included in the roadmap view (if there are no selected view settings, the system stores your selection as Quick Filter only)
  3. Selected filters to manually manipulate which filters are applied for this roadmap view
  4. Visibility to define who has access to this roadmap view:
    1. “Private” will make it only accessible for the user that saved this roadmap view
    2. “All users” will make it available to every user that has access to view this roadmap
    3. “Selected users” will make it available to only the selected users, user groups, and user roles
  5. Option to send a notification to the selected users. Please, note that the notification will only be sent when selecting some specific users and checking the box.


Please note that every saved roadmap view is dedicated to a single roadmap and cannot be shared across different roadmaps.

You can find all roadmap views in the filter panel under Quick View (if you have not selected any view settings, the system stores your selection as Quick Filter). You can adjust your roadmap view settings by clicking the Edit icon or click Delete to remove the view completely. If you click on the name of the roadmap view you will apply the view and the content of the roadmap visualization will change accordingly.


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