Add and edit users

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

Add new user profile

To manually add a new user profile to the platform, navigate to Settings > User Management > All User and Click on the Add Users Button and start with configuring the Account Settings.

Edit existing users

You can edit the user profiles of all users. Navigate to Settings > User Management > All User and click on the Pen (Edit) icon.


Account Settings

In the account settings tab, you can

  • force the user to change her/his password on the next login (1)
  • change the username (2)
  • change the e-mail address (3)
  • change the password (4)
  • change the user status (5)
  • change the user role (6)


Personal Data

The personal data tab can contain both mandatory fields and user defined fields. Nevertheless you can edit the input of all fields. In this example you can edit the following fields:

  • first and last name (1)
  • the profile image (2)
  • the banner image (3)
  • company (4)
  • job title (5)
  • business unit (6)
  • region (7)
  • interests (8)
  • about (9)
  • LinkedIn profile link (10)
  • phone number (11)
  • language settings (12)
  • location settings (13)



In the notifications tab, you can either toggle all notifications or enable/disable single notifications. For more information about notifications, visit the articles about the notification center and the notification settings.

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