Navigate through the Landing Page

The Landing Page is the main page of the ITONICS Innovation Platform and it is composed of several sections.

Feed and activities tab

In the top middle of the landing page, you have the opportunity to switch between the Feed & the Activities-Tab. The Feed Tab represents the landing page of your ITONICS Innovation Platform, whether the Activities Tab displays a timeline of different activities on your platform.

Banner section

Banners are a way to communicate important messages or to create awareness for future events with all platform users. You can add banners to the landing page via banner management. If you add multiple banners, they will be displayed as a slideshow.


Entity section

The entity section of the landing page displays a sample of elements that belong to the specific entity. You can perform different actions by hovering over the element, browse through the different elements by using the arrow-buttons on the right side or view all elements by clicking on the view all button. This section can be configured via the landing page configuration.


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