Use the global Timeline to help you keep track of actions in the ITONICS platform. See how different units, teams, or individuals within your organization participate in innovation over time, or understand changes.

How to find the Timeline

The Timeline can be found on the landing page, right next to the Feed tab.


What is displayed on the Timeline?

The different activities that are being tracked on the global Timeline are as follows:

  • Someone has imported data into the application
  • Someone has added or edited an Element
  • Someone has rated an Element
  • Someone has commented on an Element
  • Someone has started following an Element
  • Someone has liked an Element
  • Someone has changed a (Task) phase
  • Someone has added a Task
  • Someone has added an Element / a Milestone / a connection to a Roadmap


Narrow down the Timeline

By clicking on the Filter button (1), you can use the following options to narrow down the Timeline:

  • Define a timeframe for the activities via the Settings tab. (2)
  • Search within the activities via the Search tab. (3)
  • Filter the activities by Entity Type or My Filter via the Filter tab. (4)



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