Activity Configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

The Activity Configuration is part of the Gamification Configuration.

From the Activity Configuration interface, you can configure the number of points for every single activity. The two sections relate to the two different activities included in the ITONICS Gamification blueprint namely: element-specific and generic.

Element-specific configuration


The section includes fields for Element creation separately for every Element type in the system (1). You will notice pairs of two fields:

  • One displays an Element type (2);
  • Another one represents the number of points that will be earned by performing a specific activity (3).

Below that you can find the generic actions, their values can be configured for all Element types at the same time (4).

Generic action configuration

Generic actions are:

  • Submit an Idea
  • Comment on an Element
  • Get a comment Like
  • Get a comment Reply
  • Rate an Element
  • Share an Element
  • Follow an Element
  • Like an Element
  • Edit an Element
  • View an Element

Once done, press the Save button.

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