Badge Configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

The Badge Configuration is part of the Gamification Configuration.

From the Badge Configuration, you can add/edit badges. Click the Add Badge button and start filling out the given fields:


  • Select an Activity Type. You can choose between activity types and activity points. (1)
  • Enter a Badge Condition. By selecting an activity from the Activity Type dropdown menu, you can add a badge condition. A badge condition means the amount of activity a user performs to earn their badge. However, by selecting Activity Points from the Activity dropdown menu, the badge condition will be a number of total points. (2)
  • Enter a Badge Name. (3)
  • Enter Badge Info. Badge info will be displayed by hovering over the badge on any users' profile. This information may be a short description that includes explaining how users can acquire this badge. (4)
  • Configure Badge Design. Here you can decide which color you would like your badge to be: bronze, silver, or gold. You may also choose an icon for your badge. (5)

Once done, click Save.

🎓  Example: Select Comment as an activity type and set the badge condition as 10, naming the badge 'Brainstormer'. Users will get the badge 'Brainstormer' when they have left 10 comments.


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