Campaign Import Process

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

To properly and completely import (or migrate) existing campaigns from a 3rd party tool into ITONICS, you need to follow the below steps.

The idea behind the campaign import

Campaigns and their setup can be individually configured according to your needs. In order to avoid the lengthy process of creating similar campaigns over and over again, you can make use of the ITONICS campaign blueprints. To import existing campaigns to your ITONICS platform, you have to create a new or update an existing blueprint, which complies with your existing campaigns.

Create a campaign blueprint

First, create a campaign blueprint that fits your existing campaign or the imported campaign should follow. The campaign blueprint defines the basic structure that is displayed (fields and form), the visibility configuration (who can see or take part), workflow configuration (active phases, trigger types, permissions), and the idea configuration (fields and form configuration of the to be submitted ideas).

Import campaigns

Second, import the campaigns that fit the blueprints you created in the step before via the dynamic campaign import. The dynamic import enables you to

  • Import campaigns based on a blueprint
  • Define title, abstract and other meta information of the campaign
  • Set a challenge manager
  • Move campaigns into phases

Enrich campaigns with ideas

Third, to further add existing data to the campaigns, you can import existing ideas via the dynamic idea import. The ideas can be imported from the campaign detail page.

Add existing comments to ideas

Fourth, collaboration is a key part of successful ideations, so you can choose to import existing discussions around ideas with the dynamic comment import.

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