Campaign Import Process

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

Import existing campaigns from 3rd party tools into ITONICS to bring all your ideation into one platform.

Create a campaign blueprint

You can create a campaign blueprint that fits your specific campaign, or that fits the campaign that you want to import. Your campaign blueprint will define the following: 

  • The basic structure that is displayed (fields and form)

  • The visibility configuration (who can see or take part, 

  • The workflow configuration (active phases, trigger types, and permissions) 

  • The idea configuration (fields and form configuration) for the ideas that will be submitted).

Import campaigns

Once you have set up a blueprint that suits the campaign you want to import, you can import campaigns using the dynamic campaign import. The dynamic import enables you to:

  • import campaigns based on a blueprint
  • define title, abstract and other meta information of the campaign
  • set a challenge manager
  • move campaigns into phases

Enrich campaigns with ideas

Once you have your campaign imported, you may want to add more data to your campaigns. You can import existing ideas via the dynamic idea import. The ideas can be imported from the campaign detail page.

Enrich Ideas with ratings

You are able to add ratings to existing ideas in your campaign, by using the dynamic idea rating import. The ratings can be imported from the campaign detail page.

Add existing comments to ideas

Collaboration is a crucial part of successful ideation, and you may already have comments that you wish to add to the ideas within your campaign. Use the dynamic comment import to import existing comments and discussions for the ideas in your campaign.

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