Recommended Experts

What is the Recommended Experts feature?

The recommended experts feature allows you to find other platform users that might have expert knowledge about certain topics.

How can I enable the Feature?

You can enable the feature by checking the Enable Recommendations box in the field configuration. 


Where do I find the Feature?

Create and edit form

If your application owner has activated the recommended experts functionality for a user field like in the screenshot below (1), after you have added relevant information to the description, abstract and tag fields, the system will automatically suggest a user that can be added by clicking on the bracket (2). Please note that if the system does not find a good suggestion, it won't suggest a user.


Element detail page

When on the detail page of an Element, you can also find the recommended expert feature next to the user field. You can add other users by clicking on the "add more" button. A popup appears where you can add from a list of recommended Experts (1), if there are any, or manually add users (2).



How do I get the best out of the feature?

The recommended Expert feature inspects the tags of the system. Both from the Elements, as well as from the Users who can add those e.g. for their Interests (1) like seen below. Therefore we recommend precisely using tags inside the system wherever possible and encourage your colleagues to do the same.




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