How to use the Webclipper

Imagine you are browsing the web and some article you stumble upon is relevant for your Innovation activities. With the ITONICS Web Clipper, you can clip webpages directly into your ITONICS Innovation Platform.

After you have successfully set up your Web Clipper, follow these steps to clip webpages.

  • On the Webpage you want to clip, click on the Web Clipper icon. Note that this is not possible on an empty new tab. (1)
  • The Web Clipper automatically fills Title, Thumbnail, and Abstract with the Text it identifies on the webpage (2)
  • First, pick your preferred element type by hovering and clicking on the element type. Note that this is not selectable if only one element type has been configured to be usable with web clipper. (3)
  • You can choose a profile image by clicking the arrow button that appears when you hover over the image. Note that only the selected picture will be saved in the platform (3)
  • You can remove the thumbnail by clicking on the trash icon. This will remove all pictures from the selection (4)
  • By selecting text inside the web page with opened web clipper, a plus icon appears which lets you easily copy text into the selected text field (5)
  • The Tags and Relation field will automatically search the system for suggestions as you start typing (6)
  • After you are fine with the content, click Save to create the element in the ITONICS Innovation Platform



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