How to create a Dashboard using the Dashboard View Configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

The Dashboard View Configuration is a part of the Dashboard Configuration and lets you easily create and adjust Dashboards.

How to create a Dashboard?

To add your own Dashboards, Go to Settings > System Administration > Dashboard Configuration.

Click on the tab Dashboard View Configuration. Here you can see the Dashboard View Configuration of your Dashboard pages. The first tab System statistics is a static one, you can not place custom charts there. 

Via the button Add Tab, you can add your own Dashboard Page. A popup appears where you are asked to add a Title and configure which Users/Groups/Roles have access to this dashboard.



How to add charts to a Dashboard?

After you have created your own Dashboard Page, you can go there by clicking on it. Now you are presented with an empty section where you can place your Dashboards. The interface will show you options how you can place your charts. Some chart types can be placed next to each other while others need a whole row. Click Save after you are satisfied with your configuration.


Find your Dashboard

You can now find your newly created Dashboard in the main navigation.




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