How to configure Charts with the Chart Configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

Charts are visual representations of data. With all Charts in one place in the Chart Configuration, you can easily Create or Edit Charts. The Chart Configuration is a part of the Dashboard Configuration.

How to configure a Chart

To create a new Chart, Go to Settings > System Administration > Dashboard Configuration and Click on the tab “Chart Configuration”. 

If you Click on "Add Chart", a create page opens. Here you need to add:

  • A concise Name for your Chart e.g. "Trend Segmentation" (1)
  • A Chart Type e.g. "Pie Chart" (2)
  • The Element Type the Chart is referring to. E.g. "Trend" (3)
  • A Field your Chart is referring to. E.g. "Trend Segment" (4)
  • If you need to explain a bit more, what your Chart is about, you can use the Tooltip field. (5)
  • If you want to include Elements that have no Value added for the specified field, check the box next to "Show N/A" (6)



After you've selected your Element Type, a filtersection appears on the top. This filtersection is similar to the one you can find everywhere else in the system. You can use it to further narrow down the results shown in your chart. E.g. "Market Potential Rating High - Very High "to only show trends based on their segmentation which has a high market potential rating. 


If you are satisfied with your Chart Configuration, click the Save button in the bottom right corner. You can always come back and edit your changes later by clicking on the Edit button in the Chart Configuration page.

Chart Configuration.png


After you have finished the previous steps, you can add the created Chart to a Dashboard by using the Dashboard View Configuration.


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