Entity Manager

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

The Entity Manager provides an overview of all Entities on your ITONICS platform. It enables you to add Entity Types, perform certain actions, or access Entity Configurations.

Find the Entity Manager

Navigate to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. You can now either add, change the order, or perform other actions with the displayed Entities.


Configure / Add a new Entity Type

Add a new Entity Type to your platform by clicking on the Add Entity Type Button (1). Learn more about adding a new Entity Type to your platform here.


This provides information about the position, name, creation date available actions and shortcuts to different configurations of all Entities on your platform. Entities, which are in a red marked row, are currently disabled (2).


You can change the order of the Entities, by dragging an Entity Type to the desired position (3).


You can perform certain actions in an Entity, by using the icons in the right column. The availability of the icons depends on which modules and features are activated within the respective Entity. 


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