Recommended Tags

The ITONICS solution provides you with Tag Recommendations that enable you to find related information fast and better integrate Elements and information into the system.

  1. Go to the detail page of an Element.
  2. Scroll down to the Tags section, per default located on the right side. The position may differ according to your View Configuration.
  3. Click the Find more relevant Tags button (1) to open the Add new Tags pop-up.tag_section.png
  4. Enter new Tags (2), use already existing Tags, or choose any of the Recommended Tags provided by the system. The Recommended Tags (3) are generated based on the textual information from the Title, Abstract, and Description (default Rich Text Fields) of a respective Element, as well as taking the already existing Tags into account. You can use the Refresh button to receive a new selection of Recommended Tags (4). An overview of the already selected Tags is displayed at the bottom (5). When ready, click the Save Tags button to save your selection of Tags (6).



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