Date Picker Field

The Date Picker Field allows users to select a date from a calendar. This field type is mostly used for entering time periods such as a start date, and to display the entered date on the Element detail page in the yyyy-mm-dd format.


The Date Picker widget is displayed as follows in the create/edit form of an Entity.


After the user clicks in the field, the calendar popup opens in a small overlay.

How to add a Date Picker Field to an Entity?

You can add fields to an Entity by using the Field Configuration.

What configuration options does the Date Picker Field provide?

You have multiple configuration options for the Date Picker field.

Configure a reminder notification

To help your users stay engaged, you can choose to add a Reminder Notification that is dependent on the configured date picker.

Set a default value for the date picker

The default value for the Date Picker is mostly used together with the Reminder Notification (see above). You can do so by:

  • Checking the checkbox Set a default date. (1)
  • Selecting a value for the Default Date (2). The default value will be set, depending on the creation date of the Element (example: Current Date → Date of Element creation). Note: This will only apply to Elements that are created after the definition of the Default Date.


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