How to work with ITONICS Board

How to find the Board

You can find the ITONICS Board under "Board" inside the top navigation bar. If you cannot see this menu point, you might not have the permissions to access it or your Organization has not configured or purchased this module. In this case, please ask your administrator for further information.

How to work with the Board

The following example will show the functionalities, based on an Element Type called "Innovation Project". If you open up the Project Board, you can see all running Innovation Projects (1), structured in Columns (2) and Swim lanes (3).

In our example, the Columns represent the Project Phase and the Swim lanes represent the Responsible Business Unit for this project. You can always change the represented categorization via the Legend (4) on the left. Here you can also change the color categorization displayed on the left of every card as well as the aggregations displayed on the right and the bottom of the Board.


If you click a card inside the Board, a preview of that Element opens on the right. Here you can see an overview of the basic information such as the Title, Abstract and the Relations of that Element. You can also find some quick actions to open, follow, rate, edit or delete the Element if you have the permissions to do so.


By clicking and dragging the Element, you can also change its categorization or phase, the Project is in. You can only change the Project Phase directly on the Board if the Project has no active Workflow configured.


On the upper right side of your Board, you can find two options to configure the view:

  1. Show/hide legend (5), which allows you to show or hide the legend on the left-hand side.
  2. Show/hide empty rows/columns (6), which allows you to show/hide empty rows/columns if there are rows/columns that are empty. For example, after applying certain filters.


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