How to work with the ITONICS Network Graph

The Network Graph gives you the opportunity to easily explore the elements of your system and their dependencies. To make this as easy and intuitive as it gets, we added some tools.

Navigation through the Network Graph

Go to the main menu and Click on Network Graph to open it.

  • By using the scroll action when hovering the Network Graph section, you can zoom in and out of the Network Graph.
  • Click and drag to navigate sideways.
  • With a click on an Element, the preview (1) opens and the connected elements get highlighted.
  • You can see a small button with a light bulb (2) next to the selected element. With a click on that button, the Network Graph will only show this element and it's direct relations.



The Toolbar

  • Show/Hide the Legend (1)
  • Show/Hide labels of all Elements (2)
  • Fullscreen Mode (3)
  • Zoom in/out (4)
  • Center the Network Graph (5)



Other possibilities

You can also use the Network Graph filters to narrow down the results of the Network Graph.

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