[VIDEO] What is ITONICS Radar

The ITONICS Radar graphically represents your corporate environment and shows blind spots, fields of action and strategic options. It enables you to build up an overview on how different trends, technologies or startups can impact your company's strategy.

To get a first impression of the ITONICS Radar check out the video below.

Why every company needs an ITONICS Radar

Every company faces the challenge of keeping up with technological changes, emerging competitors and trends. With its intuitive and compact visualization ITONICS Radar allows you to store, combine and evaluate the various findings from all your environmental scanning activities on a central platform. This functionality will help you to rapidly process relevant technologies, trends, competitors as well as opportunities and risks. 


Dynamic data visualisations

The ITONICS Radar offers a great opportunity to visualize your corporate environment. It allows you to intuitively handle large amounts of data by using filters and zoom functions.

Collaborative scouting and monitoring

Team up with colleagues and collect, describe and enrich technologies and trends for your companies scouting and monitoring campaigns. 

Collaborative tech and trend evaluation

Evaluate technologies and trends from various perspectives.

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