Milestone configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

Once you add milestones & connections to your Roadmap you can also take care of some additional information that could be shown on a milestone. There's a possibility to add/edit fields and adjust their order on a milestone preview and popup.

To do so go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. Select the type of entity and click the Pen icon to go to the edit section. Then select Milestone Configuration and the Manage Milestone Configuration interface will open. 


Some fields are already listed, which you could configure by clicking the edit icon. You can not, however, delete any of these. To familiarize yourself with how to add new or existing fields, see the article Field Configuration

Go to View Milestone Configuration to adjust the order of the fields that are displayed on the Milestone preview. You can open the preview by pressing the title on the milestone bracket. 


From the Form Milestone Configuration, you can drag and drop the fields according to your preferences. It affects the create/edit milestone popup.


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