How to adjust the Roadmap view

You can perform actions on your Roadmap to modify it according to your preferences, or learn more about particular elements.

  • To open the filtering options click Filter. (1)
  • You can save your Roadmap view by clicking on the save icon. (2)
  • All the saved filters & views will be displayed in the Quick Filter/View section. (3) You can view these by clicking on the button.
  • Use the timeline to adjust the time period according to your preferences. (4)
  • Click the first icon next to the timeline to show the layer visibility list. (5)
  • By activating the legend icon, the legend will be visible. This is where you can check entity and milestone types. (6)
  • You can access all the existing scenarios by clicking the icon. (7)   
  • By clicking the edit icon you can edit elements on the roadmap to create a new scenario. (8)
  • All the active layers and sub-layers are listed below the timeline section. (9)


All the elements that are added to the roadmap are placed horizontally into the layer area. The relations between the elements are always visible. If you want to view more details about an element,  open the preview by clicking on the element. You are able to do the following when hovering over an element:

  • Highlight the element (1)
  • Hide the element (2)
  • Filter the connections (3)


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