Milestones & Connections

Whenever you add an element to the Roadmap you can add information about Milestones and Connections


Click Add milestone on the Roadmap record on the element detail page, and fill in the required fields on the pop-up. After saving it, the milestone will be displayed as a bracket and you will notice these icons on it:


  • Add connections (1). You can add connections for the Milestone and for the Element as well. You can decide whether the connection is Incoming or Outgoing.
  • Edit (2). By clicking the pen icon, the pop-up will appear where you can update already completed fields.
  • Delete (3). You can remove the milestone.
  • At the top right side of the Milestone bracket, you will see a number that indicates connections count (4).

There are Connected Milestones and Connected Elements below the milestone area. You can add them by clicking the Add Connection button and choosing between incoming or outgoing. Keep in mind that you are only able to add the elements and milestones that are already on the Roadmap. If you want to open a preview of an element or a milestone, press the title on the bracket. 


On the milestone bracket and preview, you will see the milestone type shows, for instance, "Approval". You need to select the type when creating a milestone. There are default options provided in the Milestone Type dropdown, however, you can also create your own milestone types. To do so, go to Settings > Roadmap > Milestone Types. On the Manage Milestone Type page, click Add Milestone Type and enter your information: title, choose the entity type(s) (multi-select), and upload an icon if you prefer. When ready, click Save and Publish. These actions can be selected for existing milestone types: delete, archive, or restore from archive.


Later, you can check how all the connections and milestones look on the Roadmap. Hover over the element and click Connection icon, now you will see couple of options how to filter connections.  


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