How to adjust the Matrix view

You can modify the Matrix view to suit your preferences by choosing different options in the upper right side menu.


  • Show (Hide) legend on the Matrix's left side to see or adjust ratings based on which elements are presented on the Portfolio. (1)
  • Show (Hide) burst elements to see elements that were placed in the same place on the Matrix due to the same ratings. (2)
  • Show (Hide) quadrant to adjust the Matrix view during meetings, for example. (3)
  • Show (Hide) labels to see the names of elements on the Matrix. (4)
  • Show (Hide) unrated elements to see all unrated elements in the corner of the Matrix. (5)
  • Show (Hide) N/A in legend to see how the elements without a specific rating are marked in the legend. (6)
  • Switch to fullscreen view (press X to switch back to the previous view). (7

When a specific option is activated, its icon will have a pink color. When deactivated, it remains grey.

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