Preview an element from your Radar

If you want to see details of each Trend, Technology, or other element displayed in your Radar, click any dot on the Radar view, and the details view opens on the right side. radar_prev.png

The details view contains the following information and actions:

  • Profile image that was uploaded for this element
  • A clickable title that links to the detail page of an element
  • Segment/Subsegment
  • Creator name
  • Abstract
  • Previously added Ratings
  • Related elements of all types

From the Details view, you can also perform certain actions (depending on your permissions):


  • Open the element in a new tab. (1)
  • Follow the element. (2)
  • Add your rating for this element. (3)
  • Edit the element details. (4)
  • Delete the element. (5)
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