Campaign setup: submission field configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

The submission form for submitting new ideas (or anything else you want the submission to be) comes with standard form fields like title, abstract, description and tags but can be enriched with additional fields of your choice.

Field type selection
Add different fields to submission pages via the "Field Configuration" tab. The field type selection includes the following field types:

  • Single Choice (dropdown field)
  • Multiple Choice(dropdown field)
  • Textfield
  • Textarea
  • Rich Text Field
  • Date
  • User

Field type definition
Within a selected field type you have to configure some field settings:

  • Field name
  • Field values (only applicable for dropdown fields)
  • Validation options such as marking the field as mandatory or defining the phase visibility for this specific field

Submission Configuration.png

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